Welcome to the team blog of the GC Immigration Working Group. We are a student organization housed at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and whose members’ research focuses, in one way or another, on (you guessed it) immigration issues. We’re a diverse group – some of us are in our first year of grad school, some of us are old-timers. We come from several different academic departments and schools – some of us are foreign students, some are immigrants, others were born and raised in the United States; some of us are New Yorkers through and through, while others come from small towns. But in the end, we all share an interest in immigration.

We started this blog for a number of reasons, but perhaps the main one is that we were growing increasingly concerned about the combative (and even violent) tone of the conversation about immigration and immigrants. We believe that as budding researchers in the field, we are able to offer grounded insight and commentary to this conversation. Thus, our posts will mainly focus on immigration issues. However (as we are also a fun-loving group – ha-ha), we will also post about teaching, graduate student life (or lack thereof), our own experiences and travails conducting research (in hopes that it may benefit other young researchers), as well other general commentary about our social world. Lastly, from time to time, we will also invite guest bloggers such as faculty and other brilliant researchers to make a post.

Welcome again, have a look around, and thanks for stopping by (and don’t forget to come back!).

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