Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

The GC Immigration Working Group is a graduate student-run group where we exchange, discuss, and collaborate on ideas and research related to immigration. This semester, our workshops will take place on Mondays at 2-4 pm in Room 6112.01 (unless otherwise noted) at CUNY Graduate Center. Please come and join us! Light refreshments will be served.

September 23:
Van Tran (Associate Professor of Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center) “The Mere Mention of Asians in Affirmative Action.”
Open Discussion
Xuemeng Li (Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center) “Dissertation Proposal: Africans in China.”
Discussant: TBD

October 21:
Daniela Pila (University at Albany, SUNY) “Legal Status Fluidity: How Filipino Immigrants Navigate Immigration Pathways.”
Discussant: TBD
Chris Maggio (Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center) “The Heterogeneous Impact of Demographic Change on Immigration Policy Attitudes.”
Discussant: TBD

November 4:
Isabel Gil Everaert (Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center) “Center American Migration in Mexico.”
Discussant: TBD
Adam Brooks (Social Work, Columbia University) “Refugees and Mental Health.”
Discussant: TBD
Jia-Lin Liu (International Education, New York University) “Strangers in Both Lands: The Disconnection between 1st-Gen Undocumented Chinese Immigrants in the US and their Sending Families in China.”
Discussant: Daniela Pila (University at Albany, SUNY)

December 2:
Sejung Sage Yim (Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center) “Transnationalism, Diaspora Engagement Policies, and Comparative Historical Analysis.”
Discussant: TBD
Nga Than (Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center) “Attitudes toward Refugees: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis.”
Discussant: TBD

If you have any questions or want to join our mailing list, please contact:
Janina Selzer (jselzer@gradcenter.cuny.edu) and Hayden Ju (dju@gradcenter.cuny.edu).