Spring 2019 Workshop Schedule

This year, our workshops take place on Mondays at 12-2 pm in Room 6112.01 (unless otherwise noted) at CUNY Graduate Center. Please come and join us! Light refreshments will be served. If

February 4

Jotaro Kato, Visiting Researcher, Queens College and PhD Candidate, Waseda University (Japan) : Undocumented Migrants in the United States: Daily Lives and Mechanisms of Producing Illegality

Discussant: Victoria Asbury, Sociology, Harvard University

Bonnie Ip, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center: “Ethnic Boundary Shifting of Asian Americans and Arab Americans: A Study in Immigrant Second-Generation Family Formation”

Discussant: Xiang Lu, Sociology, New York University


March 11

Janina Selzer, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center: “Not in Our Name!” – When Feminist and New Right Discourses Converge”

Discussant: Bonnie Ip, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center

Xiang Lu, Sociology, New York University: “Transnational Muslim Migrant Community in a Chinese International Trade City”

Discussant: Beiyi Hu, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center


April 15  

Adrienne Atterberry, Sociology, Syracuse University: “Transnational Concerted Cultivation: Parenting Practices among Indian American Return Migrants “

Discussant: Siqi Tu, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center

Karen Okigbo, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center: “What Factors Affect the Marital Choices of Second-Generation Nigerian-Americans?”

Discussant: Vadricka Etienne, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center


May 6

Sejung Sage Yim, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center: TBD

Discussant: TBD

Katie Entigar (Urban Education, CUNY Graduate Center) TBD

Discussant: TBD


IWG Spring 2019 Schedule