Voting Rights and Non-Citizens

Guest Contributor: Ron Hayduk (Queens College, CUNY) is the author of Democracy for All: Restoring Immigrant Voting Rights in the United States (Routledge, 2006) and is a co-founder of the Coalition to Expand Voting Rights.

Can you imagine how electoral dynamics in New York City would change if one million new voters were added to the rolls, particularly if those new voters were the newest New Yorkers? That question may be answered in the 2013 elections, if a bill that was recently introduced into the New York City Council passes. The Voting Rights Restoration Act (aka, Intro 410) would restore voting rights to legal noncitizen immigrants in municipal elections (mayor, comptroller, city council members, borough presidents, district attorneys, judges).  [please check the bottom of the post to see who has signed and who has not] Read more