Fall 2018 Workshop Schedule

This year, our workshops take place on Mondays at 12-2 pm in Room 6112.01 at CUNY Graduate Center. Please come and join us! Light refreshments will be served. If you have any questions or want to be on our mailing list, please contact Vadricka Etienne (vadricka.etienne@gmail.com) and Sejung Sage Yim (syim@gradcenter.cuny.edu).


September 24

Els de Graauw, Associate Professor of Political Science, Baruch College, CUNY

Welcoming Remarks

Xuemeng Li, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center

“Chocolate City in China: Challenge of Multiculturalism”

Discussant: Beiyi Hu, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center

Hiroyuki Shibata, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center

“A Tale of Two States: A comparative study on migrants’ transnational ties with their homelands between Italian and Japanese immigrants in the early 20th century São Paulo”

Discussant: Nga Than, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center


October 15

Jia-Lin Liu, International Education, New York University

“Family Beyond Borders: Transnational Immigration Stories of Undocumented and Mixed-Status Chinese Families”

Discussant: Katie Entigar, Urban Education, CUNY Graduate Center

Xiang Lu, Sociology, New York University

“Official Classification, Affirmative Action and Self-Identification: Hui-Han Bi-ethnic College Students in China”

Discussant: Feng Chen, Sociology, The New School


November 5

Daeshin Hayden Ju, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center

“Happily Ever After? Consequences of Asian and White Intermarriage on Assimilation”

Discussant: Janina Selzer, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center


December 3

Ali R. Chaudhary, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Rutgers University

Conversation with an immigration scholar

Lea Klarenveek, Political Science, University of Amsterdam

“Relational Integration: A response to Willem Schinkel”

Discussant: Hiroyuki Shibata, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center